De-watering Systems

You know that awful feeling: the lights flicker like in a bad horror movie, the local weather forecast is for a Nor’easter, and you wonder - Is my basement is going to make through the storm? You’re not alone. Many homes and building foundations in the Northeast are subject to water intrusion. Poorly designed drainage systems or high water tables can cause basements and crawlspaces to flood.

The operating environment is harsh and unforgiving for de-watering pumps and related components. Even with a de-watering system, without proper maintenance on pumps, switches, controllers, etc. - systems can fail.

Significant damage can occur from flooding - irreplaceable items lost, insurance claims denied. In the wake of a flood, mold and mildew can manifest in hard to reach areas and can affect the health of you and your family.

A properly designed and maintained de-watering system will move water away - effectively and efficiently. Duncan Water Systems specializes in de-watering system design, installation, and maintenance. Contact Duncan Water Systems today to discuss de-watering options for your home or business.