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Granular Activated Carbon and Adsorbents

What is granular activated carbon and why is it important with respect to water quality?  Granular activated carbon (GAC) is a special type of filtration media used to treat water for a variety of contaminants.  GAC is produced by heating raw organic materials with a high carbon content.  Coconut shell, wood, and coal are popular sources to make GAC.  Heating will “activate” the carbon surface by increasing the available surface area for adsorption.  Adsorption is the primary mechanism at which liquid, gas, or solid molecules will adhere to the surface of an object.  In this case the surface of granular activated carbon.

So why consider GAC?  GAC is an effective filtration media that can help reduce the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), like constituents, and radionuclides found in water.  Dependent on the contaminant of concern, different types GAC can be specified.

Contact Duncan Water Systems to learn about granular activated carbon filtration options for your home or commercial property.

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