Private Well Water Testing & Analysis

Private well water testing is the responsibility of the owner. Unlike public water systems that have rigorous monitoring and testing regulations, private wells do not. Often, through no fault of their own, many folks do not understand the importance of testing their water. This poses a significant problem as well water can contain a variety of harmful contaminants including microorganisms, nitrites, nitrates, heavy metals, organic chemicals, and radionuclides.

Water is dynamic. Water contamination can come from a variety of sources. Potential contaminant sources include surface run-off, ground water from distant sources, and plumbing. Plus, contamination sources can change over time, e.g. as the water table goes up/down, road salt in the winter, etc.

Contaminated water is a health risk. The EPA and CDC provide information on the potential risks associated with contaminated water. Cited risks include gastrointestinal illness, anemia, liver & kidney damage, reproductive harm, and cancer. Children, the elderly, and people with underlying health conditions are especially at risk.

In addition to health risks, un-treated water can have adverse effects on plumbing. Water laden with minerals and sediment can coat plumbing and heating appliances causing decreased performance, clogged fixtures etc. Water with a low pH can corrode plumbing causing pinhole leaks and plumbing failures that can flood basements.

Testing water is a simple process.  Duncan Water Systems partners with Aquatek Labs, a state certified laboratory for water testing and analysis.  The goal is to give our customers the best possible insight into the biological, chemical, and physical parameters of their water.  Laboratory testing is backed by science, with strict testing procedures coupled with advanced equipment to analyze water chemistry.

Understanding your water chemistry is the key first step. Thankfully with proper testing, filtration, and treatment, most contaminants can be removed from water.


Contact Duncan Water Systems to learn more about water testing options. Together, we can collaborate on a water test plan that best fits your budget and requirements.