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Pressure Boosting Systems

You know the scenario: you are taking a shower, enjoying a good steady stream of water - then out of nowhere the water slows to a trickle. You now have soap in your eyes and are annoyed. This can be caused by a poorly maintained pressure boosting system, clogged piping, inadequate municipal or private water supply, or a host of other problems.

Low water pressure can leave you frustrated and annoyed. You may find that you are scheduling activities around when the sprinkler system will be on or when running the washing machine.

Low water pressure can be caused by one or more factors. Typically, Duncan Water Systems will recommend a flow or water supply diagnostic test to determine the actual cause of low pressure. This will help ensure the problem is solved using the correct components and mechanical systems.

Contact Duncan Water Systems to discuss options for better water pressure. Together we can determine the cause of low pressure and collaborate on a plan to increase water pressure in your home or building.

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