Reverse Osmosis & Nanofiltration

Why consider Reverse Osmosis filtration?  Reverse osmosis (RO) and Nanofiltration (NF) are methods used to effectively remove 99.99% of organic and inorganic compounds, total dissolved solids (TDS), viruses, bacteria, and emerging contaminants of concern.  The goal of RO & NF treatment is to strip all impurities and leave water in its purist form - H2O. 

Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration treatment methods have a place in both commercial and residential applications.  For example, with pure H2O as a starting point, beverage companies can maintain a consistent approach in producing the flavors of your favorite drinks.  Pure H20 can also act as a reliable baseline when developing new flavors. 

In residential applications, RF and NF treatment can be situated at either point-of-use (kitchen sink) or point-of-entry for whole-house applications.  Of course, this is all dependent on your requirements and the water quality issues we are solving for.  For example, point-of-use RO system might make sense in an older home with lead issues.  A point-of-entry RO system might apply when solving for high amounts of sodium chloride in the water. 

We are often asked if we can provide water “designed” to taste.  The answer is yes and we can provide water with specific mineral and pH or alkalinity requirements.

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