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Sediment and Particulate Matter Filtration

What is sediment filtration and why is it import to consider with respect to water quality?  Groundwater as it travels can pick-up sediment, debris, and particulate matter on its way into plumbing systems.  In the case of water, sediment is the “catch-all” description used to describe rust, sand, clay, dirt, etc.  Water laden with sediment and particulate matter can wreak havoc on water systems by clogging valve cartridges, fixtures, storage tanks, and water heaters.  In addition, water filtration processes like reverse osmosis and ultra-violet treatment depend on sediment free water to work efficiently and effectively.

Fortunately, there are a variety of filtration methods available to filter sediment and particulate matter.  The type, properties, and amount of sediment in water will inform what type of filtration method is applied.  For example, a simple pleated filter cartridge may be all that is required to remove small amounts of sediment.  For water with high amounts of sediment, a different type of filtration method may be applied.  In this case, a tank with filtration media and a specialized valve can be used to effectively remove sediment from water and expel if from the system.

Contact Duncan Water Systems to learn about sediment filtration options for your home or commercial property.

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