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There are many different factors that indicate the need for water conditioning and filtration. Dependent on your location and environmental factors, groundwater may have different levels of contaminants. These contaminants can come in different forms and are generally classified by physical, chemical, and biological properties. The contaminants can be naturally occurring or man-made. Water contaminants can sometimes be identified by water color, odor, and or staining of surfaces.

Further complicating matters, in some cases water contaminants can be difficult to detect by sight, odor, and taste alone. Unfortunately, these types of contaminants are often the most dangerous to health and well-being. In addition, unique conditions such as well location, well depth, water supply, plumbing, and water demand can create a wide array of contaminants.

Research has shown that poor water quality and the presence of contaminants can lead to significant health issues. Especially susceptible are the elderly, pregnant women, infants, and young children. Health issues can manifest in the form of neurological disorders, reproductive issues, and gastrointestinal illness. In addition to health issues, plumbing can be adversely affected by poor water quality. Leaks, lead leaching, staining of sinks and fixtures, and scaling of water heating equipment can occur.

The key to water conditioning and filtration is to understand your water chemistry – with precision. This means performing a proper water test. Our definition of a proper water test is a science backed, state certified laboratory water test. Science backed lab test results, meticulous analysis, and an understanding of your unique water demand requirements, will inform and enable the design of your water conditioning and filtration system.

Contact Duncan Water Systems to discuss water filtration options for your home or commercial property. Together we can develop a water filtration plan that will deliver clean potable water to your tap.

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