Water Conditioning & Filtration

We are often asked “Does my water need filtration?” or “Why do I have green stains in my sink?"  The answer to these questions is dependent on your water chemistry and the results of a proper water test.

We use the term "proper water test" to mean a test performed by an independent state certified laboratory.  The test should follow scientific rigor and use technologically advanced equipment.  The results of your water test will help define your water chemistry, and whether you should consider water conditioning and/or filtration.

If your water test indicates the need for treatment, your water chemistry will be the roadmap for the treatment process.  Your water chemistry's parameters - organic, chemical, and physical - the presence of coliform bacteria, pH level, mineral content, heavy metals, VOCs, pesticides, etc. - will all influence the type of treatment process.

Fortunately, there is a treatment method for most water quality issues.  Dependent on your unique water chemistry we may recommend aeration, adsorption, ionic exchange, ultra-violet treatment, reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration, sequestration, or other treatment methods.

Contact Duncan Water Systems today to discuss water filtration options for your home or commercial property. Together we can develop a water filtration plan that will deliver clean potable water to your tap.