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Water Softening and Ionic Exchange

What is water softening and why is it important to consider “softening” your water?  You may have heard the term “water hardness” or “hard water”.  Hard water is a term used to describe a high concentration of dissolved calcium and magnesium in water.


Evidence of hard water can be found in the form of spots or film on glassware and shower doors.  Or in the form of a residue left after using soap or shampoo.  If left un-treated, hard water can adversely affect your plumbing, hot water, and heating systems.  Over time as water travels through these systems, scale and mineral deposits can build-up and coat the various components.  This can result in decreased heat transfer performance (higher cost to heat) and a lower volume of water moving through the systems.

Water softening, which is a form of ionic exchange, is a water treatment process that can be used to remove calcium and magnesium from water.  The process exchanges unwanted, dissolved ions for other more desirable ions such as sodium, potassium, or chloride.  Ionic exchange processes can also be used to remove harmful levels of arsenic, uranium, and other metals or metalloids from water.

Ionic exchange water treatment is a time-tested and effective water treatment process.  Contact Duncan Water Systems to to learn about ionic exchange options for your home or commercial property. 

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