Water Tank Installation

You turn on the faucet to wash your hands. Strange, no water - 20 minutes ago, you took a shower. You open the basement door to investigate. You head downstairs to find an unwelcome pool of water on your basement floor. How did this happen? It hasn’t rained. The bottom of your water tank ruptured and dumped water onto the floor. Adding insult to injury, your well pump is still trying to fill the water tank. Fortunately, you caught it in time, shut-off the pump, and prevented your house from floating away. It could have been much worse.

Next you go about finding a replacement tank and realize there are many different types and sizes of tanks. You figure same size tank should work fine. Right? Wrong.

In most cases replacing your water tank is a straight-forward process. However, in some cases, the tank may not fit the water supply and demand cycles of your property. Or those requirements may have changed over time. This can cause excessive cycling of your well pump and shorten its life.

Over the years, Duncan Water Systems has installed thousands of water tanks. We have decades of experience that enables us to quickly and correctly size a water tank for your home or commercial property.

Contact Duncan Water Systems to discuss the particulars of your water tank situation. Together we can determine the proper tank for your property and coordinate efficient removal of the old tank and installation of the new tank.